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Now in coordination with Alliance Aviation Inc., Miami, Florida, U.S.A., sending candidates for FAA ATP with A320, A330 & B737 type ratings. Offering special discount of 500$.


FAA ATP course with A320 rating was costing 8200$. The FAA ATP rates have been revised by our partner Alliance Aviation, and you shall get special limited period discount offer of  2000$, so its just 6099$ inclusive of taxes/service. We assure you that our price and service is not only the best, but also most competitive. Please follow the steps below to initiate FAA

ATP process:-


To begin with you can apply to FAA Airmen Certification Branch at Oklahoma on the following link:

Verification of Foreign Airman License – LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY

To find information regarding license verification on the internet go to http://registry.faa.gov. Click on Airmen Certification, then click on Verify the Authenticity of Foreign License. The form used for license verification is 8060-71. To download the form, on the FAA website, type 8060-71 in the search box. This will bring up the form and instructions for completion. The location of the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), that you should enter in Block 11, is: South Florida FSD0-19, 2895 SW 145th Avenue, Suite 120, Miramar, Florida 33027. You must include a legible copy of your existing license and medical, and forward the package to AFS-760. Fax is preferable: (405) 954-9922, 405 954-4105. Tel nbr 405 954-3261 or, Toll Free which may not work from outside of USA, 866 878-2498.

This will take about a month, once you get the letter from FAA, you can proceed for training. If you already hold an FAA CPL, than you can skip this step.


TSA Clearance :-

Information for Foreign Students:

Approval by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will also be required. This process will take 1 to 30 days depending on your flight experience. We will initiate the process for you after we have received the deposit for the intended program. For which once the dates are confirmed, please go on TSA website, and refer to the instructions below.

1. For  Prior Experience Course you need to start a Category 4 training request with the TSA for recurrent training.

Choose Alliance Aviation, as training provider. (Florida)

We will then acknowledge your training.  At the time we acknowledge training there will be a fee of $70 which we will pay on your behalf and then bill you.

Please start this request as soon as possible since it takes time for approval.

Once we have your approval we can go ahead and schedule your simulator training.

Do not create a new user name if you already have one.    Just a new training request.

2. If a student visa is needed, please log on to our web site www.allianceaviationinc.com and click on “Admission” and then on “M-1 Visa”. Please include a non-refundable processing fee of $350.00 in addition to enrollment deposit.

All the above applicable steps must be completed prior to commencing training.

Please call us at (305)870-6002 or via e-mail at info@allianceaviationinc.com if you have any questions or require additional assistance. You can also visit our web site, www.allianceaviationinc.com ,  for information on our other programs.

 Step- 3


A deposit equal to 50% of course cost is required to reserve a class date. The balance owed is payable the first day of class. Balance owed is payable by personal checks, certified funds, debit or credit card. All payments made with a credit or debit card after initial deposit will include a three percent (3%) bank-processing fee.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Notice of cancellation, in writing, must be received at our office 30 days prior to class start date. Immediately upon notification of cancellation Alliance Aviation will refund deposit less $200.00 to cover administrative fees. Failure to cancel prior to 30 days from the start date will result in forfeit of entire deposit.

Wiring Instructions:

Bank of America

Account: Alliance Aviation, Inc.

ABA routing: 026009593

Account number:  89-8041310602



All the hotels in the area offer discounted rates to our pilots in training, starting at $59.00 per night at the Holiday Inn Express. Hotels provide free pick-up at the airport and transportation to and from the hotel to our training facility.

After arrival in Miami, U.S.A. :-

Step-4 Before starting our training you will need to successfully pass the FAA ATP written exam. We suggest attending a one day clinic at a school that specializes in written exams. www.atpflightschool.com; the nearest location to our facility is Fort Lauderdale. For this you will have to pay fee of 295$ to the test center directly.

Step-5 A320 Type Rating Ground School for 03 days at Alliance Avn Inc , followed by one FBS, 02 practice FFS sim sessions & followed by the Viva & Check Ride with FAA examiner.

Steps 4& 5 will take about 10 days, of which first day will be arrival formalities, on the 2nd day you will be appearing for ATP written test, and there after 03 days of ground school, followed by 02 practice sim sessions & followed by check ride, & you shall than qualify for your FAA ATP with A320 type rating, which is recognized worldwide, and the license can be verified online, unlike are DGCA license.

Syllabus:- All Prior Experience (P.E.)  Type Rating Courses:- 28 Hours of Ground School (incl. S.I.T.), 07 Hours of FFS Training + 04 hours of Exam, Training Material; Our program has a “Live Instructor” that will prepare the student for his oral while reviewing systems, unlike home study offered by others.

Additional Training If Required:- All Ground School = US$80.00 per hr.

All simulator rates below inclusive of instructor.

Simulator                     Rate

A-320                          =US$595/Hr.

A330                           =US $850/Hr.

B737NG                     = US$850/Hr.

In fact FAA ATP  is an insurance for us pilots, incase you current license gets held up for whatever reasons, you still have a License which is acceptable worldwide, and can be easily verified online. You must do your Indian license verification ASAP, before its too late.